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Building or renovating a kitchen and want to get the most out of your budget? Quartz benchtops and countertops offer all the timeless elegance and strength of marble without the high price tag.

QSTONE® is an innovative quartz-based quartz stone that's preferred by stonemasons and kitchen builders for its exceptional durability, versatility and affordability.

See the complete QSTONE range online or in our Malaga showroom or call us today on(08) 9340 6222 to discuss quartz countertops wholesale near me in Perth and WA.

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Why choose QSTONE countertops?

quartz offers a number of benefits over natural stone bench tops. As well as being more affordable than the likes of marble or granite, they are also less vulnerable to damage and available in a wider range of colours and finishes, including imitation marble looks.

QSTONE quartz stone is specially designed for the needs of modern Australian homes and commercial premises. Composed of up to 94% natural quartz and up to 6% advanced resin, its hard-wearing surface is resistant to scratches, stains and the elements, with high mechanical resistance and dimension stability.

QSTONE quartz slabs can be used in many applications, from kitchen benchtops and splashbacks to desks, bathroom vanities, wall cladding and flooring. Their structure is sealed against water and bacteria to prevent damage and ensure hygiene is maintained in food preparation areas, with no need for resealing in the future.

Styles of quartz countertops

Quartz benchtops can be produced in a wide variety of designs, from authentic marble and natural stone at a fraction of the cost to other colours and finishes to match your interior design and taste. As quartz stone is manufactured in controlled conditions, there is less risk of colour variation compared to natural stone.

QSTONE is available in a choice of 32 colours with different textures and finishes across our 4 product ranges. You can view our complete range online, download our brochure or swatch book, or see the options for yourself by visiting our showroom at 100 Mulgul Road in Malaga, WA.

To get ideas of how QSTONE quartz countertops would look in your kitchen, try our interactive visualiser online.

QSTONE Visualiser

Budget and wholesale quartz countertops Australia

Whether you want to save money on a new stone benchtop or you're a business looking for quartz countertops wholesale near you, at QSTONE we're committed to offering value for money.

Browse our entry-level QSTONE Select range for our most affordable quartz countertops (including marble colours), or see our Classiq and Marmo ranges for high-end options at competitive prices. All our product ranges offer the consistent quality our satisfied customers have come to expect.


Contact a wholesale quartz supplier in Perth and WA

QSTONE is owned and operated by JH Wilberforce, a trusted name in the Western Australia building industry for over 70 years. We pride ourselves on our value for money and customer service, and all our quartz countertops and other quartz stone products are guaranteed by a 10-year limited warranty.

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