Care and Maintenance


All QSTONE® products should be cleaned with specifically formulated stone cleaners which are designed to protect and maintain the appearance without risk to the QSTONE® Engineered stones.Although less effective, general cleaning can also be undertaken using warm water with a mild detergent such as dish washing liquid detergents or similar. For best results QSTONE® recommends non-abrasive, short weave cleaning cloths and sponges and/or a cream cleanser (eg JIF).


In the event that the stone is exposed to chemicals, solvents or agents that are likely to damage the surface, immediate steps should be taken to clean the surface thoroughly by cleaning with water.

If the stone is exposed to staining agents immediately clean the surface thoroughly with a damp sponge or cloth, if a stain occurs seek advice on the best method for removal. Stains should be dealt with urgency as the longer the exposure the greater the chance of permanent damage.

Do not expose the stone to industrial or chemicals concentrates or solvents, solvent based pigments and harsh cleaning products such as drain cleaners or oven cleaners. And under no circumstance should abrasives or abrasive products be used on the stone. In most circumstances wear and tear is unavoidable but with regular cleaning the stone should retain its appearance well into the future.