Superior Quality Stone Created by Experts

Posted on April 13, 2017 BY ADMIN
Superior Quality Stone Created by Experts

When you are building a new home you naturally want to use the best quality materials. This is not only for aesthetic purposes, but when your home contains cheap materials that are of an inferior quality they are more than liable to deteriorating over time, often not a very long time.

QSTONE is manufactured with incredibly high quartz for use in home and commercial property buildings. Using a combination of quartz and advanced resin, it creates a product that when used has stain and wear resistant properties.

Specially Engineered

Whilst selecting natural marble for a property is a great idea for its aesthetic, the raw material does not stand up well against the test of time and easily stains. People often purchase the material for their kitchen benchtops and as soon as a glass of wine or stray drop of beetroot liquid hits the top can stain the surface. QSTONE is a quartz product that whilst retaining the beauty and opulent design of marble, is far more durable. Our product consists of 94% quartz and 6% advanced resin, with the binding agent creating a quality of material that will last.

Our quartz is resistant to impact, corrosive materials, cracking and scratches.

Stain Resistance at its Finest

Quartz is perfect for kitchen benches and splashbacks, as it is resistant to the products you would find in an everyday home. Nail polish and food dyes? No problem. It’s not going to stain this benchtop. Also resistant to fruit juice, markers, coffee and wine.

Available in a Range of Different Colours

Our beautiful quartz comes in a fantastic array of colours and styles. From Diamond White to Steel Grey, Oyster Pearl to Belgium Black. Whatever style or aesthetic you are going for, QSTONE has you covered with an extensive catalogue of fine quartz. Style and opulence combined with quality and durability, this is what we strive to create at Q Stone.

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