QSTONE Marketing - Point of Sales

Posted on November 14, 2022
QSTONE Marketing - Point of Sales

QSTONE is a local Perth Quartz based stone surface solution supplier manufactured to provide a beautiful surface suitable for kitchen benchtops, vanities, wall cladding, flooring, furniture and much more. QSTONE® quartz stone is an extremely durable, hardwearing surface. It is resistant to scratches, impact, cracking, corrosive materials and is stain-resistant.

If you are you a Stonemason, Architect, Interior Designer, Builder or Cabinetmaker and want to have our QSTONE Marketing Point of Sales (POS)? QSTONE have a range of options to help you facilitate your specification and / or colour selection for your customers.

Talk to one of our representatives or customer service team to request the best combination of POS that suits your business.

If you don’t have the space, don’t worry, we also have a Digital QSTONE Swatch Book with all the information you need, just download it from our website

Please see below for QSTONE POS options:

qstone folder

desktop stand

give away sample box

Still not sure which one is the best merchandising for your needs? Contact one of our reps or customer service team and we will happily help you: