Stone in the kitchen: advantages, options and care!

Posted on August 09, 2022 BY Admin
Stone in the kitchen: advantages, options and care!

Having an environment coated with refinement and sophistication is the dream of many people, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Did you know that it is possible to include stone in the kitchen in the architectural design and enjoy many advantages? In addition to the beauty and durability, the material delivers a lot of functionality to the room.

By installing stone in the kitchen, you gain more space to prepare the recipes. In addition, other advantages are:

  • strength and durability of the stone;
  • facilitated maintenance;
  • beauty, refinement and sophistication;
  • installation of benches and islands to improve organization;
  • variation of stones (enlarging beauty);
  • Cladding for walls, flooring and cabinets.

Stone in the kitchen can be efficient for wall cladding, floor or construction of countertops and islands, adding more lightening, space and beauty to your kitchen!

Necessary care

  • Do not use acidic cleaning products (bleach and chlorine). Replace with neutral products;
  • use the soft part of the sponge to rub the stone;
  • Beware of products such as soda, oil, wine, coffee and vinegar when laid on the stone. When falling, clean immediately.