What Makes a Good Stone Benchtop

Posted on March 09, 2017 BY ADMIN
What Makes a Good Stone Benchtop

When it comes to benchtops, the main concern is how to know which surface to choose. The installation of a new benchtop surface is a significant investment of both time and money, so it is vital to choose a material that offers the most endurance and longevity. To this end, we devoted our efforts to developing an quartz stone that is resistant to all the wear and tear that all surfaces inevitably suffer over time, refined over countless phrases of testing to ensure that it provides more durability and therefore satisfaction than other kinds of surfaces that are available on the market.

The composition of QSTONE

QSTONE is comprised of 94% natural quartz and 6% polyester resin, a perfect composition that we arrived at after rigorous testing. We have produced what is known as an quartz stone which, put simply, is a composite material that is made by binding together crushed stone with an adhesive — which in this case is of course the aforementioned natural quartz and polyester resin. As a highly durable material, research has shown that the durability of quartz stone rivals that of sealed granite, and is far superior to other materials such as limestone.

Natural vs quartz stone : What’s the difference?

Natural stone surfaces are popular because they are unrivalled in beauty, and as they both come from the same source quartz stone is no different. However, natural stone requires regular sealing to avoid absorbing moisture — an issue that does not exist for quartz stone , as the surface has already been sealed and reinforced. This makes quartz stone easier to care for and more long-lasting, offering more resistance to scratches and stains while still offering the same wonderful appearance of natural stone. And as the name suggests, the material has been engineered, giving it a more refined and polished appearance than other surfaces.

Why quartz is better than marbles

Marble is a softer material than quartz, so although that makes it easier to clean it also means that it is less resistant to scratches, stains and general wear and tear. It also comes with a cheaper price tag. But quartz is a better investment in the long run not only because it lasts much longer than marble, but also because its denser and more resistant nature means that it will continue to look great long after marble surfaces begin to deteriorate. This is what makes quartz a superior choice every time.