How To Maintain Your QSTONE Surface

Posted on March 09, 2017 BY ADMIN
How To Maintain Your QSTONE Surface

If you’ve decided to welcome QSTONE into your home, first of all, congratulations on your decision! You’ll enjoy years of service from your beautiful new countertop or fixture with the right care. Maintaining an quartz stone surface is much less effort than the surprising amount of work that goes into keeping a natural stone bench clean, stain free and pristine. Even in messy environments like family bathrooms or busy kitchens, it’s easy to keep your QSTONE looking beautiful for years to come. It just takes a bit of know-how and a few choice products. Read on to find out more.

Clean ups are simple and stress-free

Imagine this. You’ve just had a granite countertop installed, but you have not had time to seal it yet. You’re enjoying a glass of wine before bed but slip a little bit, not knowing you’ve spilled a little bit on the surface. When you wake up in the morning, you’ve got a brand-new stain on your brand-new kitchen countertop. What a tragedy!

Change the granite countertop to QSTONE and that situation never happens. Our surfaces have been extensively tested with a range of substances – including coffee, tea and all varieties of wine! – and come up pristine every time. Our site has an extensive list of chemicals that leave no permanent mark on QSTONE when left in contact for 12 hours, so take a look and worry less about your new surface.

Choose the right chemicals for your surface

That said, it is important to choose the right chemical for your clean up. Every day maintenance can be done with warm water, a short weave cloth and a mild cleaner like dishwashing liquid, or a vinegar solution (not suitable for use on our QSTONE SEASHELL range). Avoid bleach-based cleaners and abrasive cleansers as these products are harsh enough to damage even our surfaces.

More intensive cleaning can be done with a mixture of warm water and CIF cream, or just CIF Cream for more stubborn messes. Ask your dealer if they can recommend any specialised products for your surface.

Just got QSTONE and need some tips? Looking to buy and want to know more about our famously low-maintenance surfaces? We’re more than happy to help! Get in touch with our staff today to have your questions answered, allowing you to make the smart decision for your home.