How to preserve decorative stones? Learn now!

Posted on August 09, 2022 BY Admin
How to preserve decorative stones? Learn now!

Aiming to assist customers who have acquired quartz stone benchtops in recent times, today's article talks about the preservation of decorative stones. The goal is that you can maintain the aesthetics of sinks and countertops without much concern.

Quartz is considered as agglomerated products because of their high technology, capable of providing low levels of absorption. However, it is ideal to be careful about some basic care to preserve decorative stones and maintain the beauty and aesthetics of such exquisite materials. For instance:

  • do not support pots and hot objects directly on the surface of the stone;
  • Do not use acidic cleaning products such as chlorine and bleach. Use only neutral products for cleaning;
  • Attention to common products to daily life, such as soda, coffee, wine, oil and vinegar. To preserve decorative stones, the stone surface should be cleaned immediately with a damp cloth in case of spillage;
  • To preserve decorative stones with daily cleaning, rub only the yellow (soft) part of the sponge on the surface. The green side has abrasive composition. Therefore, it can change the brightness of the material and cause scratches.